blueplanet 50.0 TL3

When building solar power plants, the question is: How to balance planning, installation and stable operation? With the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 the calculation works – even if the variables change from project to project.

One inverter, many applications

Various versions of the string inverter and additional equipment adapt specifically to the requirements of your particular PV project. The extensive XL version, for example, offers you DC switch, 10 DC inputs, DC overvoltage protection type 1+2 as well as the fuse holders for string protection PV+; when ordering, let us know whether you require 15 A or 20 A fuses.

Common ground of all inverter versions is:

  • OD+ option for coastal and corrosive salty air environments
  • Late performance derating for desert-like regions

You will thus be able to implement commercial solar roofs as well as ground-mounted solar parks with one and the same inverter platform – installed in projects with over 2.5 gigawatt output worldwide since 2016.

Optimised TCO

The blueplanet 50.0 TL3 is the fusion of a multitude of other features that are designed for the highest technical and economic efficiency. In this way, the inverter paves the way for the optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of solar power plants.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Compact, wall-mounted inverter for decentralised system designs
  • Tailored for economical use in solar parks
  • Numerous inverter versions for specific project requirements
  • Special properties for extreme climatic conditions
  • Installation-friendly connection area, user-friendly operation
  • Integrated section switches for cost-effective grid and plant protection with Powador-protect
  • Certified for Japan
  • Anti-PID solution available >>
  • Compatible with Tigo MLPE solutions >>